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Primary Contacts

Contact Person: Sarien
+27 82 3716 322
Fax: 086 520 8558

Please Note:

Cruise Times (Bookings essential)

Morning Cruise  11:00 - 14:00
Sunset Cruise 15:00 - 18:00

Cruise Duration
3 Hours

Additional Cruise Time
Additional Cruise time may be booked
per hour after the initial 3 hours.
(Subject to other cruise reservations
on the day).

Rates - Request a Quote
(All prices excludes VAT)
(Prices are subject to change without
prior notice)

If you don't want to share your cruise with another group an exclusivity rate of R4500,00 will be charged.


Use of the Harties Party Boat facilities or occupying the vessels is at your own risk and choice. The Harties Party Boat's owners, members, employees, agents, helpers and officials cannot be held liable against any claims of whatever nature howsoever for any loss or damage in any circumstances in respect of personal belongings or personal injury or death of any person howsoever caused, arising from or relating to entering and using the facilities or from occupying the vessels belonging to the owner and the business of the Harties Party Boat. Harties Party Boat cannot be held liable for adverse weather conditions, obstruction as a result of hyacinths, declining dam levels, or any condition including mechanical malfunction that may influence the operation or safety of the barge, in any way howsoever which could disrupt or prevent cruises from taking place. The safety of passengers is at all times the primary concern. It is important to note that all passengers will be required to sign an indemnity form and to note that to willfully provide false information is an offence.


It is the policy of the business that no refunds will be made for any reason whatsoever but to compensate by means of a limited time and value voucher for cruises that are influenced in any such way. Such cruises will be rescheduled at a date and time that fits into the schedule of the business. 


We take every effort to ensure that the Harties Party Boat complies to SAMSA and DWS rules.
The skipper and crew are instructed to look after the safety of passengers and to maintain order at all times.
The skipper will decide whether to abandon a cruise due to weather conditions or for any other reason.
No swimming or water sports are allowed.
No liquor or cooler boxes with beverages of whatever nature are allowed to be taken on the boat.
No person under the age of 18 are allowed to consume alcohol.

Quotations are valid for 14 days only.
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before a booking can be secured.
All outstanding amounts must be settled 10 days before the function due date.
Prices can change without prior notice

If you don't want to share your cruise with another group an exclusivity rate of R4500,00 will be charged.

Meerhof Harties Party Boat
All passengers must adhere to the rules of Meerhof Harties Party Boat.
Harties Party Boat booking only allows access to the barge and Meerhof Harties Party Boat for the duration of the cruise.
Further use of the Meerhof Harties Party Boat facilities should be arranged separately and is at the discretion of the Meerhof Harties Party Boat management.
The gate at Meerhof Harties Party Boat closed strictly at 20:00